Swimming Safety Tips for Kids and Adults

Though, you enjoy swimming, it is also important to know safety rules when you are swimming. You can get the safety tips from American Red Cross and you can also browse the internet for more details. So, lean about the safety tips before you go to swimming pool or beach.

The Pool
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The Pool

Here you can find some important safety tips for safe swimming.

Lean about Safety measures while swimming:

1. It is better to swimming with a group of friends or family member, don’t swim alone. Even an expert swimmer can get a sudden cramp and can easily drown. Therefore, it is safe to swim when there are more people in the swimming pool or at beach.
2. Don’t leave your kids alone near swimming pool, particularly very young kids must go to pool only with adults.
3. This is very important point, do not eat when you are swimming, don’t chew bubble gum either. When you eat food while swimming can cause choking. Come out of the pool and take bite if you feel hungry.
4. Never swim if you consumed alcohol or any sort of intoxication. Do not drink any kind of alcoholic drinks before you go for swimming.
5. Swimming experts and coaches advises that you should not jump into the swimming pool or pond or any other water bodies to save someone who is drowning if you are not a lifeguard or trained person. Even though you know swimming it is not enough to save a drowning person. Why? Because drowning person will be in panic and he try to pull the rescuer down with him. Instead of you jumping into the pool you can call for help and in meanwhile throw a floating device or something for him to hang on before the help reaches.

Pool safety:

1. Before you go for swimming in your community swimming pool, first thing you should do is, find how deep the pool is. Some people try to swim in shallow water, check if your foot is touching the ground and know your limits before swimming.
2. Remember, it is not at all advisable to jump in a pool without knowing the depth of it, you may get hurt if the level is not enough for jumping, and also never dive in shallow waters, it can be very dangerous and it may cause serious injuries and sometime it can be fatal.
3. Do not play rough in swimming pool, do not push, it may cause serious and fatal accidents. Play courteously and have fun.
4. Do not run or walk fast near swimming pool as there are more chances of slipping, the water outside the pool will be slippery, and when you run fast you can slip and get injured severely, sometime it can be fatal.
5. Make sure that the pool has enough floating devices before you take younger kids into the pool.
6. In case anybody are in dangerous, throw the floating device towards them immediately and call for help immediately. You can also use long pole stick to rescue the drowning person.
7. Do not swim in a pool if it does not have drain covers, you can get trapped underwater.
8. Even in inflatable pools children must not swim alone unless there is any adult supervising the kids. In case you are not using the inflatable pool, then make sure to drain the water to avoid accidents.

Boating safety:

• When you are boating with kids, make sure to put life jackets on kids as well as on you.
• Both adults and kids must wear life-jackets throughout the boat ride.
• You should avoid going for boating if you are intoxicated or drank few pegs of alcohol.

Beach/Ocean safety:

• Do not swim alone in ocean, go with a friend always.
• It is safe to swim in ocean only if there is a lifeguard on duty.
• The best advice is swimming parallel to the shore avoid swimming away from the shore.
• Do not swim too far.
• Do not get fright if you caught in a rip-current. The best thing to do when you caught in rip current is just allow the rip-current to take you out generally they disperse outside the breaking surf zone.

Swimming is definitely the best recreational sport for all ages. Take all kinds of precautionary measure to avoid dangerous when you are at swimming pool. There is nothing wrong in learning good stuff. Ask question if you have any doubts. Have a safe and happy swimming.

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