How To Make Your Hotel Room Feel “Homey”

Lets face it, traveling can be rough, and when you settle into a hotel for an extended period of tome, you probably would like to be comfortable. So how can you do that when where you are staying, isn’t exactly home? Well, here are a few tricks to help make your hotel room feel a bit more “homey”.

Hotel room
Photo Credit: Adrian Ciudin on flickr

Move In

Don’t be afraid to unpack your bags, use the dressers and closet space. They are there for a reason. There is nothing that will make you feel less at home than a cluttered pile of clothes in a suitcase in the corner of the room. So settle in.


This is a big one. A lot of people will just pick any random hotel that is within close proximity to where they plan on spending their time. Which makes sense, but make sure that the location has easy access and resembles your homes surroundings.

Bed Time Essentials

Do not be afraid to request softer pillows and blankets. You’re not just paying for a room, you’re paying for service as well. Being comfortable as you sleep is very imprtant when trying to feel more at home is a hotel.


Find a hotel that resembles what you like inside of your home. Most people are starting drift furhter and further away from the traditional cookie cutter “one size fits all” type of hotels. Looking for spaces that are more homelike. So do some research and find a hotel that fits you.

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