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Travelling can either be a breeze or a huge hassle. When it all boils down to it; the success of any travel relies largely on how prepared you are. And this is often brought by good judgment from years of experience. Unfortunately, some of us do not have the luxury to allow teacher time to impart its travel lessons just because we want every trip to be a success. Not everyone finds adventure in discovering something in the form of a travel mishap. So how can one learn all that he has to without actually going through some bad travel experiences? He could continue reading.

I am not exactly the most well-travelled writer in the industry; but I have gone to enough places to know a thing or two about travelling. Although the following pieces of advice are not exactly breakthroughs, these are some ideas and tips I have come up with during my years of backpacking. So sit back, relax, and try to keep reading this host of tips to help your travels.

Photo Credit: Mia Feres on flickr

Tip # 1: Always bring a spare pair of shoes.

The thing is, shoes are too bulky and with light travels, shoes are something that should kept at a minimum. Most people (especially men) wear the pair of shoes they intend to use for the duration of their stay when they board the plane, bus, or road vehicle that will take them to their destination. Most people think it is sensible to bring a pair of shoes that goes well with everything you packed. Unfortunately, I used to be “most people”. However, a ridiculously rainy evening in a vacation trip taught me that wearing the same pair of shoes you intend to use for the duration of the trip is a big mistake. Rain gets your shoes wet and stinky. Obviously, you don’t have the time to dry them out in a sunny place to get rid of the moisture. The best thing to do then is to use another pair of shoes and let the wet pair dry. Therefore, bringing a spare pair, no matter how bulky it makes your backpack, is a must.

Tip # 2: Always keep your money safe.

You know they always say that you should keep your money in different places? I am a firm believer of this. But this does not mean that you can have a friend keep your money. No matter how long you’ve known them or how close you are. Never trust anyone with your money. The fact that it isn’t theirs would simply make them less cautious. So here is the deal. No matter how drunk you predict you’ll be; keep some money with you and keep some in your purse and luggage. I always take money that is enough for any immediate purchase and keep that amount in my pocket. That way, when I need to pay for something, people around me while I’m making the purchase wouldn’t see how much I have in my wallet. Keep a larger amount in your wallet as well. Aside from this, keep a couple of thousands in an obscure pocket inside your bag or purse. Also leave a couple of thousands inside your luggage which should be safe in your hotel room. I lost thirteen thousand in Boracay once. Trust me. This is worth all the hassle.

Tip # 3: Always bring a medicine kit.

Take some decongestant, anti-allergy, painkiller, paracetamol, and some lozenges at the very least. Feeling sickly during a vacation or trip is bad. What makes it even worse is having to shell out a huge amount on medication when you can spend your moolah on something more worthwhile�like a cocktail. Also, taking some decongestant before a flight helps keep your sinuses unclogged which makes it less likely for you to suffer from headaches caused by pent up pressure in that area.

Tip # 4: Always reserve a hotel room at least a month before your scheduled trip.

Then follow the reservation up by calling the hotel a three days before you reach your destination; looking for a hotel a couple of days before leaving for your destination leaves you with very little options. Not reserving a hotel at all is just suicidal. Trust me. The last thing you would want to happen is to check in to an inn that is below your standard just because you can not find any other place to stay in.

Tip # 5: Bring as little toiletries as possible.

This is one tip not many people apply but I think it is very important. If you use a brand of soap or shampoo that you can buy in any convenience store or sari-sari store, then don’t bring a stash with you. Instead, purchase your toiletries at your destination. Why? Toiletries don’t pack well. You can’t squeeze them in or push them around. Some toiletries even spill during the travel and get your clothes all sticky. Of course, you could also keep them inside a Ziploc bag but really, why don’t you just leave them behind and purchase shampoo, soap, and toothpaste at your destination?

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