Zion Riverside Walk

Zion Riverside Walk

Hiking Riverside Walk in Zion

Beginning at the Temple of Siniwava, Riverside Walk in Zion National Park is a hike that is practically mandatory when visiting the beautiful park. Every visitor should have this trail on their list of things to do. From the leisurely pace to the beautiful views, Riverside Walk as so much to offer to those who choose to explore it.

Formerly known as the Gateway to the Narrows, Riverside Walk is a lovely stroll that the whole family can enjoy. This short and incredibly easy walk is full of gorgeous views, is mostly flat, and only takes about one or two hours to complete. The paved path leads through a gorgeous hanging garden, alongside the Virgin River, and right in the middle of some of Zion’s most impressive wildlife.

One of the best things about hiking along Riverside Walk is the variety of wildlife hikers can see. Since the river is a source of water for the animals, it is common to see mule deer, turkeys, and squirrels along the path, especially at dusk. This great opportunity to see the native wildlife of Zion National Park is just one of many things that make this walk so special.

For guests who aren’t looking to have a strenuous hike, but would still like to experience Zion, this is the best trail to explore. Even those who love a challenging hike will enjoy the nice break that Riverside Walk provides. Everyone, from the experienced hiker to the youngest child will fall in love with all that Riverside Walk has to offer.

The hike along Riverside Walk ends at The Narrows where guest can turn and hike back to the Temple of Sinawava. Just having the chance to explore Riverside Walk will leave guests feeling like they have seen all the beauty and wonder of Zion, up close and personal. Therefore, a hike along Riverside Walk should be considered a must-see for everyone visiting Zion National Park.

Tips To Keep Kids Busy In Hotel Rooms

Traveling with little ones can be extremely stressful and overwhelming. For adults, going back to the hotel room after some exploration is quite enjoyable, it id so much easier for us to kick back and relax. Unfortunately, this is not the same for children. Their minds are constantly on the go, as are their little bodies. Constantly learning and being curious. So, when you need some down-time in the hotel room in-between activities, you need to make sure you’re prepared to keep the little ones entertained. Here are a few tips to helping keep the kiddos busy while you’re relaxing in the room:

Engaging Toys

Puzzles, legos and anything that involves them staying engaged for longer than five minutes will be a saving grace for you. Help get them started and throw out ideas of what to build with their legos or get their puzzle started for them. Kids have wild imaginations and toys that keep their attention help them to express those imaginations.


We live in an amazing and instantly gratifying world filled with wonderful devices. As parents, we are grateful for this technological age. Put a movie on the laptop or let them play games on the phone or ipad. This will help keep them occupied for a few while you relax.

Blanket fort
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Blanket Forts

Along with the technology… Help them build a blanket fort and put a movie on the laptop inside, and BOOM! Naptime.

Pool Time

If all else fails, know that if your hotel has a pool, your kids WILL get worn out. Go enjoy a dip in the pool or relax in the Jacuzzi while you let them jump, swim and splash their way to exhaustion.

National Parks of Utah: Best Natural Holiday Planning for your Family

Visiting the southern part of Utah is just like a time warp- all this is due to the formation of prehistoric rocks at the five amazing national parks. The five gorgeous national parks are all packed in 650 miles of the high desert. Most popular are Zion and Bryce Canyon and also the Arches National Park sandstone bridges. Canyonlands is not popular, Capitol Reef as well as the impressive Grand Canyon.

The Unseen Is Seen
Photo Credit: Karen Hunnicutt on flickr

The Unseen Is Seen

1. Navajoland

It was surely ambitious to attempt vising all the five parks in four days’ time. Keep in mind that my friend Stew and I managed that at the most chilly part of spring partly beating the crowds. However, over the years, we’ve together climbed mountains. We have also travelled through the eastern Cuba’s hinterlands. Moreover, we have taken a Boy Scouts troop to Europe on a tour that lasted three weeks. This proves that we are not resistant to any challenge.

2. Grand Junction to Moab

We finally arrived to Moab in less than one and a half hours after we landed at Colo’s Grand Junction. Wedged between Canyonlands and Arches, Utah is a laid back city. At Moab’s north, we had booked a mountain back ride leading to the desert’s panorama from the north end of the Arches National Park. We had to grind 700 feet vertically up of the slippery rock.

We met Goose our guide from Rim Tours. He told us that nine years ago, he had left his Ohio home to come in Colorado and Utah to offer biking and rafting trips. Without any shocks, Goose made a ride of one gear without shocks. Stew and I were on advanced mountain bikes with full suspension and fast shifting. Just five minutes into the biking, I became breathless pushing my gelatin legs to force myself up a four miles long ridge. The dinosaur prints became of great help. Every 50 yards, the three-toed impressions appeared, each surrounding by stones to keep people away. Riding down was quite easy.

As we drove to the famous southern end of the Arches, we found families viewing the geological formations like the Double Arch and Balanced Rock. In the late afternoon, we were ready to embark on a ¾ mile hike up to viewing the Delicate Arch.

Photo Credit: magicnature on flickr

3. Canyonlands

At 527 square miles, Canyonlands is one of the biggest national parks that is divided into three. Decorating the grounds were the pygmy juniper trees and sandstone layers fanned into phyllo like sheets.

For lunch we made a stop- over at Twin Rocks Café in Bluff’s one Road Town. The crispy and wonderfully greasy bread accompanied with barbecued pork ribs were not only huge but quite satisfying. Upon passing the Mexican Hat, we finally arrived at Navajoland which is a native reservation in America sprawling across northern Arizona and Utah.

4. Bryce Canyon’s Torrey

Capital Reef’s gateway is located in Torrey, one of the least well known national parks in Utah. Threading a high carved valley is route 24 across the little Fremont River. Taking the 10 mile Scenic drive led us to the dry canyon which later forms a river following heavy rains. On both sides, the walls rise several hundreds of feet as dirt makes its way through the narrow canyon.

Through Dixie National Forest, we wound to the south from Torrey across Dixie’s National Forest. It earns my vote for the nation’s most remarkable drive. At the time of reaching the summit, the road cut through a forest of tall firs and snow drifts of eight foot height. Snow can stay through end of spring at the highest points. Below it is a span of yellow and red mesas.We now raced to get to Bryce Canyon to catch up with the light of sunset up the hoodoos. The scene has got spindly, orange and white stripes of rock spires.

The Best Affordable Summer Vacations

Plan an affordable summer vacation and Friendly Getaway by choosing the best vacation spot that give awesome experiences and lifelong memories. The vacation is that to spend quality time with family happily, without worrying of expenses. The best selection of exciting family vacation spots proves that proper vacation planning can help you save a lot of money.

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Plan your activities for the summer:

During summer, arranging a pool party is cool and fun as you get to spend some quality time with your friends and family. Slumber parties are also a fun activity to choose, as you can spend time with your friends both inside and outside. Visit theme parks, aquariums, and etc, these places are loaded with exciting rides and watching beautiful and color fishes closely can be a mind-blowing experience. The fun activities for the kids including art and crafts and archery and adults can practice yoga, visit spa and get into the relaxed mood by treating yourself at a day spa. And, in the afternoon, you can go for a swimming. Sailing, or sculling at lake with your friends.
You can plan a scavenger hunt with your family and friends or play Frisbee or softball for exciting evening. Spend the night at a campfire by showing off your musical knowledge to your family members. Cramping camping area, small hotel room, everything will be fun when you share it along with friends and family, all these pleasurable moments can be with you for life, you can make your affordable summer vacation a memorable one.

Beach Vacation:

The best beach vacations are Myrtle Beach at South Carolina. It is a Sea Mist Oceanfront Resort and very affordable resort to spend some quality time with your close friends and family. The resort offers great deals, only 1000 dollars including admission fee to the Family Kingdom Amusement Water Park, which is just six blocks away and Resort’s own water park. The Family Kingdom has 10 pools, in which 6 pools are for kids, and the beautiful beach is just in a walking distance. The park offers a big playground, mini golf, an arcade room and a movie theater where you can watch movies for free. The best part is you don’t leave your pet at home, pet are allowed to the park, but you should inform them in advance. The park also facilitates a gaming area for pets they can run and play with other dogs in that specified area.

Family Adventure:

For a great family bonding in summer time with exciting and adventurous vacation can happen at Ace Adventure Center. Ace Center is the best place to enjoy grand outdoor adventures. The Adventure Centre is located in prime area on the NRG (New River Gorge) National River; the place offers several interesting adventures for all age groups. Children under 6 years can also enjoy a white-water adventure of class II and III rapids along with their family. Kayaking, Zip-line tours, rock climbing, and horseback riding, can be enjoyed by adults; these rides are available for extra fee. At base camp, there is a white water park where you can enjoy hiking on any trails for free. The resort offers rustic camping sites to comfortable cabins at lakeside chalets.

Eco-Lodge for cheap summer vacation:

The summer vacation at the Caribbean is very affordable as the temperature increases, the hotel rate and airfares at Caribbean decreases. Bay Camps at St. John offers deals for families who visited between May and December. No charges included for kids under 16years. At Eco-lodge, the camping tents are connected to wooden walkways. The beach offers amazing fun to kids and they can get busy with sailing, swimming and snorkeling and the waters are protected by U.S. VINP (Virgin Island National Park). At the TTAC (Trash to Treasures Art Center) blooming artists can create eco-friendly masterpieces with recycled goods and with natural seashell they can make wind chimes, etc.

City Vacation for affordable summer activities:

Boston, Massachusetts is the best place for summer vacation. It is a great urban getaway where each member in a family can enjoy every activity and outdoor parks in the city. The summer is the perfect time to avoid thick snow and it is a great time to spend picnic time with friends and family. You can enjoy free concerts at the Landmark Orchestra, and on Wednesday at Hatch Memorial Shell. Boston city offers over 70 attractions, outstanding museums and plenty of parks and picnic spot. If you like a little more adventurous trip, then catch a cruise on Boston Harbor, and play baseball game at Fenway Park or enjoy mind-blowing rides at Six Flags and more.

These are some affordable summer vacation ideas that can help you plan your vacation peacefully and perfectly. Planning is very important especially when you are going on vacation with family and friends. Choose the vacation spots that can be enjoyed by the entire family, most of us go on vacation to catch up with our family in this busy life, so, make your vacation the most memorable one by selecting the best affordable summer vacation spot.